A FEW Listener Testimonials
From Nancy Andrews - former fiancee of Ringo Starr - about BeatlesandBeyond:
'... a treasure trove....'

What is your first name only?  Robert
Country & State or Providence:  Little rock Arkansas
How did you find our website; Leave Comments:
Fridays rock on your station simply enjoy the BeatlesandBeyond show at 7 am as I go to work .The highlight of my day.Thanks Pete for bringing us a great show on Hamilton radio

Mark Reagin:
One thing I enjoy about the show is the comments and explanations or meanings behind the songs. Little interesting facts that hardly anyone knows. You know a lot of facts from talking to the artist who wrote them, and most of the time those facts are not found in books. So it's new and fresh. For example : where does the subtle shift in key appear on the song "And I love her" ? The Beatles did it so well, so clever, most listeners don't have a clue. In addition, every word you speak, the pronunciation in clear and distinct. I really enjoy the show Pete ! Each new show that airs is kinda like in the 60's....the anticipation of a new Beatles single ! What's he going to talk about now ?

Malcolm Glaysher: If you like Pete's wonderful show and what Beatles' fan wouldn't, then as well as listening in, come and try having a chat too. It's so fun and easy

Debbie Martin:
Awesome show & tribute for Bowie, Pete. Fun chat too

Eric Wiltsher:
Streaming services just done't get it. They do have a place, but not for me. I have a massive CD collection and if I want a CD I'll play it.
With Pete's show it does exactly what a streming service cannot hope to do - INFORM. People go to specialist shows not just for the music. They are interested in the subject matter. Sometimes then tell the presenter, by screaming at the radio, NO THEY DIDN'T - well that's there view. In most cases listeners will go'oh wow' or 'really'. Pete does this - he informs.
I'm not the biggest Beatles fan on the planet, I confess, but Pete makes a top notch radio show - so I listen, end of.... Further more, I have a queue of shows wanting to come on our station. Pete's show is there because of what he makes it. I also do a daft thing, I speak with our listeners. Near to us is a Belgium Chocolate Cafe - yeah I'm a sucker for hot chocolate. When we first aired Pete's show I asked what they thought - they actually thought he was from the BBC with his nice voice.

23/03/14 on FORESTfm:
(Seej): always loved the james bond intro
(snapshotmartin): HELP !!!!!!! Love it !!!!
(Seej): gotta turn this up!
(ralphie_boye): Great show Pete. Have to go .Will listen again.
(Seej): well, the beyond part was REALLY beyond, so you got an A there, pete
(Pete_M): im enjoying it pete great show
(snapshotmartin): Your show always Rocks !!!!
(Pete_M): our whole flat is rocking with beatles and beyond pete
(Mally_G.): Gosh near the end again. Thank you Pete, the Beatles & Apple Corps too. Bye-ee everyone...xx
(snapshotmartin): Good bye !!! Awesome show --as always !!! Peace/Love xxx
(Pete_M): Fab show well done Pete really enjoyed it
(Dave): Thank You Buddy "Great Show " As always " Bye all Take good Care Peace!! its a great Dream Hugs
(dek): Thanks Pete will be in touch. Enjoyed the hour I heard. Bye all
(jessj): good show from what i heard
(Seej): Keep up the great work, Pete. Fantastic show, as always!
Ralph Sabatino: Great show. Much more knowledge and songs than other Beatle shows.

Jay Van-Wiemokly: I grew up with The Beatles and remember being glued to my TV when they appeared on Ed Sullivan. I was mesmerized by them and have been ever since, but I have never stopped learning new things about them as a group and as individuals. Thanks to you and your show Pete for being a big part of that. I turned 64 in October and for a die hard Beatles fan that is most significant.

suereno: Always need to listen to the Beatles  - Who doesn't love the music of the Beatles! The best
Annette Kates: Wish I knew about it sooner! Tell all your friends!

Dimitrios B. Kontolios: We have lots of Beatles show here, but you will stand out with your tremendous coverage of solo Beatles and Beatles-related artists. That's why I love your show

Yanni Tsamplakos: Thanks for playing our songs Pete, it was great to hear them again, they were recorded at a live gig in Chapel St Leopards nr Skegness. I will be tuning in again. All the best Yanni The Beat Legends.

Debbie Martin: Awesome show, Pete--I will listen to the whole show here at 6pm----thank you for another Fab show & chat ! Peace/Love

Malcolm Glaysher : All too short...Bye again to you all...xxx. Thanks!!!

CJ CostaRica : great merseybeat segments, pete. keep up the fab work!

Barb Thacker : great show, Pete!

Derek Brock : been working away and listening - great show Pete. have a lovely week everyone!

Jess Jessica Ann Jones : good show pete

Alan Hird: I enjoyed the show this evening on Liver Radio.
Marilyn Good: I love the show too !!

Edward Thibodeau: I love your show, Pete! We have a broadcast radio station here (WZLX) that has a Beatles show, but it's only once a week on Sunday mornings. Great show, but too short. I'll keep listening

Etienne Mallet: Hello, I'm a french musician, I listen to your radio thanks to Edward and it is very good!!! I adore the Beatles!!

Steve Craiter: Hi Pete, First let me say THANK YOU for the air play........ Its greatly appreciated. I got the podcast.........

Kenny Vrocks: Hey Pete!!! Awesome Show Mate! Thanks for The Introduction and release!!! The Boys and I will be Listening be listening for a long time!!!

Steve Craiter: I have been catching up with your shows via podcasts. I didn't realize you put the shows out on podcasts.
I've caught the Penny Lane, Apple Artists and just passed Mary Hopkins doing 'Days' in numerous languages.
What a FAB show for Beatle Freaks

Jodi Gallivan Hartz: ... I have been enjoying your shows when Debbie Martin and the girls listen... I have learned so much... Thank you!

Judith Reed West: Pete... what a wonderful show about such a wonderful place!!!! And as if they didn't already love you enough in Liverpool!!!!!! xxxx

Debbie Martin: Fabulous show, Pete !!!!! Awesome interviews---all of my friends !!!! Great songs too !!!! xx

Marilyn Good: Very nice show, Pete. Enjoyed all the interviews with Irene Draper, John Quinn, Sam Leach & Judith! GREAT!! Thank you for the opportunity to listen !

Cher A Boysen Ezerskis: Wonderful!! Thanks Pete!!

Debbie Martin: I am listening to your show now !! I love it---always great !! Peace/Love from Florida x
Jodi Gallivan Hartz : AND, from CA

Lesley Dowden: it's a nice way to wake up and get clean; you have a nice voice

Sandi Anne Borowsky: I am LOVING the show!!! John's "New York City" WOW

Irene Draper: FANTASTIC Pete Dicks I am now listening to your FABULOUS broadcast online. Thank you again for ALL that you have contributed to this AMAZING event last Saturday April 20th at The Penny Lane Development Trust. We ALL had such a brilliant day with Judith for her book signing of ' Once Upon A Time In Liverpool ', together with all the wonderful visitors who came to join us and make it such a memorable day. This is one day that I will never forget. I'm sure that all of your listeners will understand when they listen to this programme. I was so enthralled when Julie told me all about the History of this remarkable Project. I congratulate them on all their very hard work. Thanks again Pete.

Flo Eskin: Love the show, Pete. Listening to podcast from 2-5 on toginet now. Great selections. Can't decide if I like the music more or listening to your voice. You've got a great Beatle voice - makes me long to Get Back to the Pool! I can guarantee you that a podcast of one of your shows will always be with me on one of my electronic gadgets so I can listen when the usual local drivel is on the radio. Keep up the good work.

MaryMary Quitecontrary: Listening here at nearly 1600 hours, in Southern California, 2/23/11.
Diggin' the Beatles and Beyond! Thanks Pete!

Sean Mack Page: Ck out Pete's show fridays 10 am mountain on http://www.hamiltonradio.net here in the states! Thank you Toginet!!!!!!

Den Pugsley (The Overtures): Hi Pete,
Lovely to hear 'Forever England' on the show last night. As always, it's much appreciated that you remember to dig out the song whenever St. George's Day comes around! Hadn't heard the show in a while, but I was just reminded what a veritable bag of scrumptious liquorice allsorts your show always is (I really must take the time to tune in more often!!!) I had the evening to myself so I tuned in to Forest FM at 8pm. ..... when the show finally did kick off, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Some wonderful Beatles/solo/ Apple stuff that I hadn't heard for too long awhile. I particularly enjoyed the '60's sitar' segueway and I hadn't heard 'Soily' from Wings Over America for some years. (and of course, where else can you hear Yoko on the airwaves!?) By the time 'Forever England' made it's appearance, I'd kind of forgotten we were due to be on the programme...came as a shock when the opening bars struck up!
Thanks once again Pete. Incredible how far flung the show has become...it's an impressive list! You do a marvellous job on behalf of all the artistes you play...long live Beatles and Beyond! Hope to see you soon, Pete.
Kind regards, Den

Paul Dean: Great Enjoyable show Last night , inc ---- Julian Lennon , James McCartney , Yoko Ono, The Iveys, Jackie Lomax, - Great feature on The Sitar in Music, Beatles Norweigan Wood, The Rolling Stones,Traffic

Anne Gabrischposted:Hello, Pete! Thanks so much for playing my request! xx Beatles 4ever

Debbie Martin - Very interesting & Fabulous show !!!! Love it !!!

Jodi Gallivan Hartz: Love this show.... Debbie, thank you so much for the nudge to listen

Cher A Boysen Ezerskis: I've been listening Pete!! Love it!

MaryMary wrote: "I love Pete's show when I have time to listen. Loved how he has mentioned MMQC & San Diego on the air from way across the mighty pond and played my special requests on his show. :) He & his show are tops!!! Thanks Pete! We all love ya Pete Dicks here in the good ol' USA!"

Paul Dean YES Was a classic show tonight --recommended for sure

Maggie R. Bridges Worth a listen too  so THANK YOU

Barb: it is cool, Pete

George Pass: more mary (hopkin), please!

Cathy Sarver : I'm an Apple Scruff (one of the girls George wrote the song about) and I listened to this show and was totally impressed. If you have any interest in The Beatles or LOVE them, you will LOVE this show!

From Jay Van, USA
When I happened upon Beatles and Beyond I found a veritable treasure trove of wonderful Beatles and Beatles related "stuff". I downloaded everything I could from iTunes and play it constantly..... Never gets old even after I have heard it several times. I enjoy listening to you and thank you for giving all of us Beatle fans this gift. Keep it up. All the best

From Rose Mills:
I love the show because it is a great hybrid of professional and cozy, with the added bonus that you are not some inaccessible, remote entity who goes through the motions. You reach out to fans and it's apparent that you adore what you do!

From Shari Kawai :
'... your style is unique and most interesting-- I admire how you speak as though you are talking to a friend in a pub or coffee-shop; no pretentious, run-of-the mill cracker box questions. After all, as listeners, we imagine ourselves sitting right there with you! You are superb at making that happen!'

Ron Griffiths. (The Iveys):
Listening to the piece on the Hopkin family , I was prompted on hearing Tony Visconti mentioned to ask if you were aware of his involvement with the Iveys ? Perhaps I even mentioned it when you were at mine ( old age you see ! ). Another thing I thought perhaps you could mention to the listeners was that most of the tracks you played were rough demo recordings made on the old Revox two tracker at 7 Park Avenue.
I shall listen to part two at the earliest opportunity and do my best to be a regular listener !
Your friend

Another great show. Thank you so very much, Pete. You put a lot of work in this show. That's the reason why it is so awesome. Thanks again. Love,

john cembala

Alan Hird
Just enjoying a great show on toginet, Saturday night Sunday morning. That was the first time I had heard the B side of Another Day didn't buy any singles in the seventies because I didn't have anything to play them on - only had a mono radio cassette recorder. The only recording of Another Day I have is on the All the Best album, on vinyl. The interview with Judith is certainly interesting.

Dave McComb, Quebec
NO Show is like it Pete " the time and work U have done for all " It don't get any better than your show !!! Thanks for the years " After a bad week this show always picks me up Love ya Bud Thanks so much pete

Brooke-Seattle, WA:
Pete~As you know, I've been unable till now to listen to your webcasts and so want to say thanks for sending me the 2 segments of your Harrison Tribute broadcast. It seems that most radio shows here (USA) have become a showcase for how terribly, terribly clever the DJs are (not) and I am so utterly bored that I find myself going back to my personal CDs, tapes, and vinyl. However, I listened to all you sent. Thanks for keeping it about the music. I'll be listening live today

Ralph Daryl Tanael Tiongco:
Just downloaded the show last Sunday and I wanna say thanks for playing my request! More power to you Pete and to Beatles and Beyond!

Nadia-Ana Nanoushkah:
it's nearly 11pm, my eyes are shutting down while i'm listening to d ..... i enjoyed the program, great show and you are a really good presenter, no doubt.

Trevor Townsend:
chilling to Pete Dicks on wolverhapton radio.. prior to playing my first Prellies gig in 3 years on friday.. well you gotta get in the mood aint ya :D he just played the Undertakers too.. he's getting cool in his old age ;)

Jay Brian Kellyposted:
Great beatles show last night :D

Anne Gabrish:
Oh, Pete, you know fine well that I'm one of your biggest fans! xx If I am unable to listen to it on Sunday, I put on my headphones and listen to it at work, where the guy next to me has to tell me to stop tapping my foot and singing. Hey, when it's a George song, I sing! lol It really was a good show. Sounds like you're feeling better. And, again, thanks for playing my request! xx

Bev Lasckey:
Always remember it was you that got me listening and back into "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" by Joe Cocker and never realised until listening to your show that it was written by Paul McCartney, cheers Pete

Carol Fleschner:
I Listened to Beatles & Beyond today with Pete Dicks! Great Beatles Music. Many different listening options. Check it out!

Cosmo Topper:
Really enjoying It ! cheers!

Annie Van Bergen:
I am digging it. I love them.the iveys badfinger

Laurie Bober:
hello Pete. How are you?.. I am fine!.. Great show!..

Jay Brian Kelly:
OMG! this show is super super cool!

Loretta Windle:
"...nothing or no one can ever take your place you're the best DJ ever and the best show ever"

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